Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winners :)

WOW ladies that was a lot of work figuring out all the winners :)  The winner of the first drawing is theresajenkins0429  Congrats you win a pair of denim ruffles...  The second winner is the winner of a twirl skirt Erin Smith.  Winner number 3 surprise skirt Amy{thosefunnylittlegirls}  and the fourth winner of a knot dress is    AvanAdd0911  CONGRATULATIONS please email me at with the size you need. Thanks for making my first blog giveaway a HUGE success..............

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fourth Giveaway

Okay ladies here is number four a custom knot dress I choose the fabrics (sorry) up to size 7 :))  just leave a comment below :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Third Giveaway

Okay who is ready for the third giveaway??  Anyone :) ? This one is for a surprise skirt it will be a skirt made out of wovens not knits and a fun new style we will be making....  So this is a great way to introduce it...  Just comment below and don't forget comment on the other days if you haven't already...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Second Giveaway

Okay here is the second giveaway....  A twirl skirt up to size 10/12....  All you have to do is comment below... for a chance to win.  I will draw a winner on Saturday don't forget to comment on the post from yesterday to win a pair of ruffle pants... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Giveaway

Tonight is the first night of giveaways from R & R for our 2000 fan party :))  Our first prize will be a pair of denim capri ruffle pants <3  Up to a size 8... Simple all you you to do is leave a comment below.. don't forget I will draw on Saturday :))

Monday, July 25, 2011

2000 Fans HOLY SMOKES :) Giveaway!!

Who has a blog hehe I do..  Not sure why but this really cracks me up!!! I really can't believe I have this many people following my R & R page..  I am a stay at home mommy to 3 wild kiddos and if I can make this happen anyone can :)  I have poured a lot of energy into making this a business and something I could truly be proud to call mine.. :)  I have made some AMAZING friendships through all of this...  I started this because I'm kind of addicted to clothing... and I am really addicted to boutique, expensive, unique clothing...  I wanted to make things EVERYONE could afford.. and that's what I set out to do..   I know I could charge A LOT more for some of my clothes but choose not to I want every little girl to get the chance to wear something they really love and brings a smile to their face... :)

Second part to R & R---Customer service is a really big deal to me and I will always try to make each and every person happy... so please know if you aren't 100% satisfied please let me know...  I know people are waiting 4-6 weeks on upcycles and I am trying to get that cut down to a reasonable time frame (wish me luck on that one LOL)

So now to the fun part I have a few more upcycles to finish before all the shirts are done from my last upload WOO HOO!!!  after they are done I will be listing a TON and I do mean a TON of shirts that will be available for twirl skirts only.. and they will only be $20.00 a piece yep I said $20... Next giveaway every day this week I will be posting a new giveaway :) who know what it might be??  Your guess is as good as mine :)  I will draw a winner for each giveaway on Saturday..   So starting tomorrow I will be listing the giveaway for Tuesday :) That gives you 4 chances all together to win something..

Thanks again to all of you for supporting R & R it means the world to me :)))))))))