Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Fun Giveaway :)

I had a pretty crazy month last month and fell way behind I am finally seeing daylight again :))  So I thought we should do a giveaway..  I always have a horrible time trying to decide what to giveaway so this time I am going to let the winner decide I will give give the lucky winner 3 choices and they can decide what they win. :) The prize of the winners choice will be made up to a size 8.   Just leave a comment below and you will be entered to win...  I will draw next Monday :) GOOD LUCK...

Thanks for all the well wishes with my leg...  Here is a pic of what it looked like the day before I
went in the the hospital... GIANT!!!!

I will spare you from the actual wound :(((( I can say I am about 95% healed up and finally go to off all my medications last Thursday...  Who would think a spider bite could do so much damage so quickly.  I can tell you I am pretty jumpy now everytime I feel something on me. Hopefully that will pass eventually...  Again, THANKS SO MUCH for those of you who had orders and waited patiently for them ;))))